Frequently Asked Questions

David Glickman - Jewish Comedian

So? How much is this going to cost us?

David’s price for his Jewish Comedy Show is $3600, which includes all travel costs and expenses.  The only thing you have to provide is the place for the show and a sound system. David takes care of everything else.

Can you do any better on price? There’s no way we can afford $3600.

We wish we could! Most of David’s shows are for corporate clients, for which he charges upwards of $7000. He is cutting his price in half for this show! By doing so, David is hopeful that many more Jewish organizations will be able to afford the show. But we’re just not able to bring the price any lower and still be able to maintain a mix of bookings for both corporate audiences and Jewish organizations.

Are there other ways we can use David to help us pay for the show?

Yes! There are several creative ways you can help fund the show:

–If you’re able to secure a sponsor for the show, David is happy to include some customized humor and a song parody in the show specifically about the sponsor.

–If you’re able to secure multiple sponsors or donors for the show, David is happy to do a private ‘bonus’ show for them, prior to the main show.

–David is also a skilled (and hilarious) auctioneer. If you can secure some items to be donated, David can also conduct an auction prior to—or during—the show. You’ve never seen a funnier fund-raiser!

–In addition to the show, David is also willing to teach a class on “How To Use Humor In Presentations (Even When You’re Not Funny!)” or conduct a workshop entitled “Off The Top Of My Head: Improvisation Exercises for Creativity & Thinking On Your Feet.” You could charge an additional fee for this—but David’s price remains the same, as long as the class can be taught early on the day following the show. (Or preceding the show.)

–And we’re open to any additional ideas you may have for ways that David can help you raise the funds to bring in his show.

How long is the show?

The show is usually 60 minutes long, but can be shortened or lengthened, as necessary.

Want a 90-minute show? No problem.

Want a 30-minute show? No problem.

Want an intermission? No problem.

Want David to serve as a funny Master of Ceremonies for your Awards, Installation of Officers, etc.? No problem. (You can even spread the show out in shorter segments throughout the evening, if David is serving as your MC.)

We will work with you to create the experience that works best for your event.

Is the show appropriate for all ages?

David’s show is “G-rated.” There is nothing off-color in the show.

That being said, the humor and material in the show is geared for adults. And while the show would not be offensive for children, the show would not make much sense for the young ones. They wouldn’t understand the subject matter or most of the references being made.

The show also includes dozens of song parodies—most of which derive their humor from the audience being familiar with the songs being parodied. So while younger audience members may enjoy the music, the show isn’t as effective for those under 21.

So while we suggest that you market the show as an activity for adults—you can feel safe in knowing that there will be no harm if children or teens are present.

The demo video gives you a very good idea of the kind of material you can expect for the show.

What kind of sound system does David need?

Nothing fancy—really just a hand-held microphone and a stand. Every synagogue and JCC where David has performed has typically had a sound system already installed that worked just fine for the show. (Although some organizations did choose to bring in a better sound system specifically for the show.)

The sound system also needs to have a second input for David’s musical keyboard. But, again, most sound systems have this capability and David travels with adapters of many sizes to ensure that it will work virtually anywhere.

And if your organization has no sound system at all, even sometimes simply borrowing a guitar amplifier from a member may be all that’s needed to handle the sound needs.

Don’t worry—we’ll work with you on this, to make sure you don’t incur any unnecessary additional costs.

Do we need anything other than a sound system?

We request that David perform on a raised platform or stage, so that all of the audience can see him well. However, if you don’t have a stage, many of David’s shows have been performed successfully at floor level.

Also, the lighting should be bright enough to see David well. You don’t need to bring in any additional or costly lighting, but you do need to turn on whatever lights are in the room so that the audience can see him well.

(This is especially important if your show is booked for a dinner event, where the lights are turned low for dinner. If the lights over the performing area can not be turned up separately, you may need to turn up all the lights in the room for the show.)

David also likes to include a very funny PowerPoint presentation as part of the show, when possible. You would need to provide an LCD projector and screen for that portion of the show. If they are not available—or logistics don’t permit a screen to be set up—no worries; the show is still very successful without that portion.

Can you hold a date for us? Our Planning Committee still needs more time to figure out what we’re doing.

Yes!  Absolutely!  We can place a hold on any open date for you, with no obligation on your part.   The hold gives you the ‘first right of refusal’ should any other organization want to book the same date.  If that happens, we give you 24 hours to book the date or release the hold.  And if no other organization asks about the date, you can continue to hold the date as long as you need, until you’ve figured out your plans.

OK, we’re convinced that David’s show is perfect for our group! How do we book him?

It’s easy!  Call us at 813-964-8283 or e-mail us at to check David’s availability.  If your date is available, we will send you a one-page agreement to sign and ask for a 50% deposit to secure the date.  That’s it!  It really couldn’t be any easier.

Do you have any tools to help us promote the show?

Yes! Click here for our Event Planning Tools, including downloadable photos, logo, promotional copy, and David’s introduction.